"To say that Shard belongs to any one person is a gross simplification of what this game has become.  This game is a collection of the passions of many hours from many individuals, players, staff and volunteers from other games in the area.  It is this reason, this collaborative experience that the game has taken off and grown so quickly. 

I set out to make Shard a game in which anyone could be anyone - a safe, immersive space where a person could explore the boundaries of their own mind, suffer real consequences (good or ill), but at the end of the day, put it aside and go back to their daily lives, feeling richer for it.

 I hope you enjoy this exploration of the world that began on my parent’s dining room table in 1999."

-Niklas Olson
Game Founder

Game Master: Knight of Cydonia
Operating Manager Shards of Massagon LARP LLC


"Shard means a great number of things to many people. For some, it is a way to escape the stress and grind of daily life. While for others, it is a way to meet with friends and be social. For me, Shard is a way to experience an engaging story and be a part of it. 

I had LARPed before I came to Shard, but I never really viewed the activity as something with storyline and character. LARP was just a reason to go out in costumes and hit people with foam weapons. When I first came to Shard in January of 2010, one big thing really struck me: LARP can have an engaging story and Shard had it. After my first event I was completely hooked and after my second event I became game staff. Five years down the road and I am still doing what I love.  Part of what I have done and what I enjoy doing is crafting a story that people will enjoy experiencing. Whether that story is large and spans multiple events or if it is small, personal, one-on-one roleplay, every storyline and interaction should have some meaning to those immersed in it. Story is what drew me into Shard, story is what I love, and I envision this story to continue for a very long time."                                                                                     

  -Kyle McCray

Game Master: Monte Cristo